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Behind the Scenes: An Insider's Look into Asheville's Thriving Comedy Scene

Ever wondered what transpires backstage at a comedy gig? Nestled beneath Catawba Brewing lies Asheville's best-kept secret - Ginger's Revenge South Slope Lounge. A hidden jewel that, on this occasion, turned into the center stage of the ATLiens Comedy Showcase. Buckle up and let me guide you through this vibrant world, sharing some intriguing behind-the-scenes moments, captured through my lens.

As an event photographer, my task extends beyond clicking a perfect picture. It's about preserving the spirit of an event, especially the exhilarating energy of a comedy show where unscripted moments can make for the most memorable snapshots.

Stage on the South Slope

Ginger's Revenge’s intimate stage buzzed with a mélange of comedic talent, featuring a variety of comedians straight from Atlanta. Each added their unique flavor to the evening, punctuated by our very own Marlene Thompson (@marleneithompson), Asheville's witty host who steered the night's proceedings with her charisma.

First up was Reid Pegram (@reidpegram), who had the audience teetering on the brink of laughter with his nerdy references and unsuspecting humor. His performance laid the perfect groundwork for an evening filled with laughs.

Arden Campbell (@ardencomedy) followed, bringing a distinct style to the stage. Their nonbinary jokes were not just funny, but also an enlightening perspective, adding a blend of humor and education to the night's lineup.

Next up, Tank Smith (@tankfunkadelic) lived up to his name, charging the stage with an onslaught of jokes that kept the laughter rolling.

The show took an unexpected turn with a spontaneous cameo by Hannah Jones (@hannahjonescool). Although seemingly shy at first glance, she caught us off guard with a hilarious reveal of her personal life that had the room in stitches.

Kenny Stempien (@kennystempien) was up next, demonstrating that there was more to him than his pretty face. His captivating stories and well-crafted one-liners had the audience laughing in appreciation.

Closing the show was Shelley Gruenberg (@notshelleyjo), who left us on a high note. With her original songs and the audience joining in, it felt like we were all part of something truly special.

Photographing these diverse performances and encapsulating their essence into a single frame presented a delightful challenge. The experience was a testament to the thrilling roller coaster that is event photography - unpredictable, yet gratifying.

Live events are filled with unexpected twists and turns, and this gig was no exception. An unplanned delay in the proceedings gave me time for an impromptu culinary adventure to The Purple People Feeder food truck.

Rain-soaked streets, raindrops hitting the food truck roof, and the flavorsome dishes served, all added to my unexpected excursion. This detour not only rejuvenated my tummy for the rest of the night but also encapsulated the spontaneity that defines the life of an event photographer in Asheville's dynamic comedy scene.

Being a part of Asheville's comedy ecosystem isn't just about attending events - it's about being part of a community bonded by shared laughter. It's about working alongside proficient teams like Modelface Comedy and Four by Three and rubbing shoulders with accomplished comedians. It's about forging connections that go beyond the scope of a single event.

So, whether you're a comedy enthusiast curious about the offstage action, a budding comedian seeking inspiration, or an explorer delving into Asheville's unique cultural landscape, stay tuned as I uncover more of this exciting world in my upcoming posts. And remember, if you're ever in need of professional event photography or a standout headshot, feel free to connect. After all, life is better when filled with laughter, and even more so when these priceless moments are captured forever.

ATLiens Comedy Showcase Credits

Photography by Brian Konutko @konutko

Modelface Comedy @modelfacecomedy Four by Three Productions @fourbythree + @fourbythreecomedy Feat. Arden Campbell @ardencomedy Kenny Stempien @kennystempien Reid Pegram @reidpegram Shelley Gruenberg

@notshelleyjo Tank Smith @tankfunkadelic - Hannah Jones @hannahjonescool Host Marlene Thompson @marleneithompson Venue Ginger’s Revenge South Slope Lounge @gingersrev

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