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Behind the Beans: The Explosive Growth of Gallivant Coffee in Asheville

By Brian Konutko

For nearly two years, I’ve been drawn to this plant-based sanctuary, a space where flavors, aromas, and stories intertwine, leaving an indelible mark on my soul. Every visit reaffirmed its place as a cherished part of my Asheville journey, a testament to the power of local love and dedication.

I have to admit I was very excited to get an exclusive sit-down with one of the owners, as I prepared to delve deeper into Gallivant’s story. My mission wasn't just about savoring their exquisite brews or delighting in their incredible baked goods; it was about unearthing the passion, challenges, and dreams behind every cup and crumb. Join me as I embark on a journey through the tapestry of Steven and Jessamine’s story, the heart and soul behind Gallivant Coffee in Asheville.

An Exclusive Insight: The Spark that Ignited It All

Steven and Jessamine's dream was sparked into reality during the challenging times of the pandemic. With two decades of history with coffee and a desire to make a difference, they transformed adversity into opportunity, bringing Gallivant Coffee to life.

The shop's dedication to a ‘plant-based’ philosophy extends far beyond the vegan lifestyle. Jessamine clarifies that by choosing "plant-based", they aim to dispel misconceptions and shine a spotlight on sustainability and inclusivity. Gallivant is a true testament to the allure of local, sustainable, and compassionate living.

Every cup they serve is a journey. They form deep partnerships with farmers from Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Ethiopia, particularly highlighting their collaboration with Gold Mountain Coffee in Nicaragua. Instead of merely relying on certifications, which can sometimes be misleading or even harmful, they prioritize truly knowing their sources. This commitment ensures that they work with farmers who receive a fair price for their labor, intertwining their ethical stand with tales of rainforest conservation.

Baking and brewing are the heartbeats of Gallivant. Jessamine’s creations are reminiscent of cherished memories and crafted with immense passion. Vegan cakes that transport you to joyous celebrations, and pop tarts that taste of nostalgia. Their beverages, like the seasonal favorite "Something Blue," encapsulate the very essence of a southern summer.

Why Gallivant is one of the Best Coffee Shops in Asheville

Venture into Gallivant, and you're greeted by an orchestra of scents — the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the sweet scent of just-out-of-the-oven pastries, and the comforting embrace of a community space. It's no wonder that patrons keep coming back, not just for the gastronomic delights but for the experience — an experience that speaks of love, dedication, and craftsmanship.

To those familiar with Gallivant, you know that each visit is a sensory journey. The baked goods aren't just delicious; they are the culmination of tradition, innovation, and pure love for the craft. And when it comes to their coffee, Steven's dedication shines through in every roasted batch, ensuring every sip is a symphony of flavors. Sipping on their drinks isn't just a caffeine fix but an experience meticulously crafted to tantalize and invigorate.

Central to Gallivant's spirit is its community essence. The café, with its welcoming charm, has become a haven where stories are shared, memories made, and where every visitor is woven into the Gallivant tapestry.

Looking ahead, Jessamine and Steven's aspirations stretch beyond their current horizons—from expanding the origins of their coffee beans to aspirations of sharing their culinary delights far and wide.

In Jessamine's perspective, the rise of the plant-based movement is a pivotal shift in society. As it becomes increasingly mainstream, Gallivant stands tall, leading us towards a deliciously sustainable future.

In search of unparalleled flavors, heartwarming community, and a journey for your senses? Gallivant Coffee awaits, with promises of memories that linger, long after the last sip.

Captured Through the Lens of Brian Konutko's Photography

Every stunning image accompanying this journey into Gallivant's world was shot by Konutko. Specializing in capturing the essence of local businesses, events, and portraits in Asheville, Konutko brings stories to life with impeccable clarity and emotion. Looking to immortalize moments or promote your brand with high-quality visuals? Visit and let's collaborate on your next project.

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