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Laughing Off the Map: The Surprising Rise of Comedy in Asheville

In the cultural tapestry of Asheville, a new thread is weaving its way in: comedy. The Asheville comedy scene, once a whisper, is now a roar of laughter echoing off the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Comedy, at its core, is about connection. It's about shared experiences, shared laughter, and shared moments that resonate long after the last laugh has echoed into silence. The Asheville comedy scene isn't just a collection of talented comedians and memorable performances; it's a testament to the power of community. In a world where division often makes headlines, comedy brings us together, reminding us of our shared humanity and our ability to find humor in life's complexities. As an Asheville photographer, I've had the privilege to witness and capture these moments of unity and joy. Every chuckle, every applause, and every shared smile adds to the collective tapestry of our city's story - a story of laughter, resilience, and an unbreakable spirit of community.

Key figures like Aaron Naylor, Cody Hughes, Julia Macias, and Christian Lee are creating a comedic renaissance in this vibrant arts city. Naylor, a Chicago-based comedian originally from Kansas City, is one of the many comedic talents who have graced Asheville's stages, delivering performances that resonate with both local and visiting audiences.

Behind the scenes, organizations like Modelface Comedy are the driving forces, creating platforms for these talents to shine. They are instrumental in curating comedy events that are not just shows, but experiences, and ones that reflect the unique spirit of Asheville. There's something special about capturing a comedian in their element. Sharing these photos with everyone, and showing off what a great time we're having in Asheville's comedy scene, makes me really happy.

From the lenses of Four by Three Production's cameras to my own, each frame is a testament to the burgeoning comedy scene in Asheville. This isn't just comedy—it's community, culture, and connection, all under the shared roof of laughter.

Article and Photography by Brian Konutko


Headlining Comedian: Aaron Naylor @iamaaronnaylor

Featuring Comedians:

Cody Hughes @codydhughes

Julia Macias @julia.c.macias

Christian Lee @pixelateforwork

Produced By: Modelface Comedy @modelfacecomedy

Videography: Four by Three Production @fourbythreecomedy

Photography: Brian Konutko @konutko

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