sovereign remedies the broken chopstick

Introducing a new way to experience the refined, regal and heartfelt essence of sovereign remedies through the young eyes of our newly launched brand.


An unapologetic take-over filled with rich heritage and celebratory inspiration. 

sovereign remedies the broken chopstick

With an iconically rebelious personality, the broken chopstick pops up to offer playful chef inspired asian food that is fun, accessible and nourishing, as an open invitation from one food lover to another.

...about the brand look & feel

While the broken chopstick is a new and experimental concept, it belongs within the already established brand that is sovereign remedies.

It is not here to replace it,

but to enrich it, embrace its heritage and live up to its hard-earned reputation.

As the newest member of the family, the broken chopstick incorporates itself seamlessly into sovereign remedies' physical and virtual spaces because it just belongs.

sovereign remedies the broken chopstick

 It plays with color without clashing, it's punk rock while maintaining its romanticism, it tells a story that is always heartfelt and sometimes traditional.