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This playlist is a short collection of mysterious & dark tunes. All songs here were written, recorded and produced by me. Some for fun... some for clients.












I'm a designer and illustrator with experience doing book content for various clients.

Sometimes I design the covers, sometimes I only do a drawing, and some other times I design the whole thing, front to back. And as challenging as printing books can be, I absolutely love these creative processes involving writers, press and artists.

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Millhaven Press in Asheville, NC and self publishing writer, Ashley Stewart have kept me busy for a couple of years doing covers, designing their titles, characters and doing other illustrations.


Both dwelling on the darker side of fiction and fantasy, which I love, made this an amazing experience for myself, being able to freely express my creepy side and all.





Sounds, scores, singing, writing, recording, producing, playing, listening... I can't pick one, I like to do it all... and so I do. Because why not?

This playlist is a collection of my dark and more mysterious type of songs. But I have other music albums that I've created in different genres if you'd like to explore more.

This track was composed by my friend José da Vēde, an epic music composer. The first time I heard it I knew I wanted to sing.

I recorded several layers of my voice to make a dramatic choir effect and I'm really happy with the results.


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We made this production about about Nola, the Husky of Nolichuckey. With original soundtrack and a cover of "A night to remember", this short film will keep you at the edge of your seat. Featuring Nolichuckey Bluffs Bed & Breakfast Cabins and its crew, the continuation of a Halloween Special. A HARVEST MOON TALE 2018




Growing up in the Amazon, I have always been fascinated with stories told by my grandparents. Especially the ones about real life witches, cannibals and magical creatures that lurk the unforgiving jungles of South America.

These tales spawned nightmares that made me scared of sleeping at dark. Sleepless, I spent my nights drawing, writing music and editing videos. Demons that once haunted me became the main inspiration for the characters of my most notable work. But as I kept exploring different media, I became conflicted with something. What if sharing this type of art wasn't such a good thing? Was I making the world a darker place by doing so?

The answer I found was rooted in balance, which became a tipping point in my career as I started to not only portray the demons from my nightmares, but also the angels and fairies from my dreams as well.

This led to more exposure, people seemed to react a lot better to the angelical characters than they did to the demonic ones. It became a successful link to businesses that needed design with a positive feel, providing them with my very own whimsical version of illustrated graphic design. And now, somehow, the wide combination of interests that were once just hobbies, became my business, as I provide  professional services of graphic design, web design, illustration, photography, video, music composition and art commissions to others, all while still not being able to sleep at night. But it’s not from fear anymore, now it's just a matter of quiet times, inner growth and inspiration.


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